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Going solar made easy with Famous Solar!

Are you tired of crazy electric bills or have a strong desire to help the environment while still getting the energy you need, going solar is the best solution. At Famous Solar company, we offer sustainable solar solutions that are tailored to address pressing energy needs and deliver reliable 24/7 electricity to power various capacities of domestic appliances, office devices, and commercial equipment. We work through every stage of the installation and maintenance process. 


Solar Installation

Solar installation is the foundation of our business, providing renewable energy solutions to residential and commercial clients of all scopes and sizes.

Going green offers a variety of benefits in both the short and long term: lowered energy costs, reduction of your carbon footprint, and increased property value. Whether you’re a homeowner tired of arbitrary price hikes from the utility company, or a business leader seeking ways to optimize your money, going solar is a great option for you. With our solar installation service, enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power with top-quality and reliable solar solutions. 



We provide other solar applications like solar water heaters, solar water pumps, solar streetlights, solar garden lights, etc. 

The Led Solar Street Lamp is a successful device, It comes without a stand, and the lights activate from dusk to dawn. The LED street light automatically turns ON after dusk and turns OFF after dawn. We provide solar water pump solutions for traders, integrators, engineers, farmers, etc.


Solar Maintenance

Proper maintenance can help make a system last much longer, and continue to produce energy at its optimal output. We are here to help you! No matter who installed or what technology used, we maintain, repair, and upgrade any solar installation. We’re a team of highly dedicated solar specialists.


CCTV Camera Installation

Protect your assets with our affordable and professional CCTV Camera installation & surveillance systems.

Electric Fence Installation

Electric Fence Systems provides a perimeter protection system for your home or business.

Electrical Installation

We offer electrical installation systems, maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial wiring

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